Personal and Corporate Commissions

For those of you who would like Gerry to do "something special" for you, whether it be your cabin in the woods, your sporting or hunting dog in the field or maybe a falcon or hawk hunting situation or maybe an idea that you may have in your mind.  Contact Putt and you both can discuss and plan your "something special".  Gerry doesn't do formal pet portraits but he will do a sporting dog doing what they do best.

 ~ Commissions ~

The prices and sizes listed below are some standard base-price examples:  certain subjects and compositions will be needed to be painted in slightly different formats, which will be outlined in a formal commission agreement.  Once the size and price are selected, a 50% deposit is required to secure the beginning of all work.  Once any work on the commission has started (sketching, photos taken or received by the artist, etc.), the deposit becomes non-refundable.  If requested a sketch of the design is available to the collector.  All original works are done as a scratchboard etching on a black claybord panel (depending on availablity) or with acrylics on claybord or masonite panel.


Sizes are in Inches with Price

14" x 18" = $4,300.00

16" x 20" = $5,400.00

16" x 24" = $6,500.00

 18" x 24" = $7,300.00

  22" x 30" = $11,200.00

  24" x 36" = $14,700.00

These prices are obtained by multiplying the length by width to obtain the size in square inches.  Then multiply the square inches by 17.  Use this method to figure the of price of any size ( 252 square inches is the minumum size ) commissioned painting, that is not listed above.  All prices will be  rounded-off to the nearest hundred dollars ( example: $5,616.00 becomes $5,600.00 ) These prices do not include framing, shipping or applicable sales tax and are subject to change due to alterations, subject matter and complexity.  Just remember the equivalent of a 14" x 18" ( 252 square inches) is the minimum size painting for a commissioned painting.

The artist retains all copyrights on all commissioned paintings and may choose to reproduce the piece as a limited-edition print or other fine art reproduction.  Collectors cannot reproduce the painting without written permission from the artist.  Should the commissioned painting be reproduced by the artist, the artist agrees to give to the collector (at no charge) 5% of the artist-proof edition.  Which artist-proof numbered (numbers) prints will be of the artist's choosing.      

Up-dated Dec, 2022  (price are subject to change)



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