PA GAME NEWS "Original Spots"

 Every month for PA GAME NEWS, I do small original acrylic "Spots" to illustrate an article or story.  I never know what I have to do each month until I read the article.  The spots range from ticks to elk.  These "Original Spots" are now being offered for sale to the public.  I have other spots in addition to what's on this site.  I've been doing spots for Game News for at least twenty-plus years, 3 to 4 spots per month...  Well, you do the math - I have a lot.  Some are pen & inks, others are in color using acrylics.  All image sizes are approximate.  They are done on acid-free mat or illustration board and are reasonably priced small "originals" - not prints.  Prices are for unframed spots.  Prices vary depending on size, complexity and subjects.  There is no added type or wording of any kind on the images (copyright, title, size or price) other than my name.   Sorry....I don't offer framing.  Thank you for taking a look!

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