Wildlife & Nature Artist

  Gerald Putt is a wildllife and nature artist who grew up in the small, quiet, rural central Pennsylvania town of Boiling Springs.  The ducks on the lake in his home town inspired him at a young age and later became one of his first subjects.

  Putt and his wife Kathy travel throughout the year to many art shows and because of that his gallery is only open by appointment or chance.  He competes in Duck Stamp Contests and occasionally wins awards for his work.  Gerry enjoys photography as well.  He travels around the country to find his subjects which he hopes will make their way into a future painting.  Putt has enjoyed his photo-safaris to Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Colorado, Wisconsin and many of the states on our East Coast.  When traveling to shows  Gerry and Kathy enjoy hearing the comments and compliments from the fine folks who purchase his work.  While traveling, especially on their yearly art show circuit, Gerry keeps the camera handy "just in case"!

He's been a wildlife conservationist since becoming a full-time artist back in  1979.  His first conservation banquet was with the local Ducks Unlimited chapter.

Over the past 40 years, Putt has donated hundreds of pieces of artwork to many conservation and civic groups.  Moneys raised from the sales of Gerry's artwork has  amounted to many thousands of dollars which helps civic groups do their projects and also helps conservation groups sustain our native wildlife species, improve wildlife habitats, educate landowners and informs the general public about each group's conservation mission.

    Gerry was a Charter-Member of the Professional Outdoor        Media Association and is also a "Life-member" of the          Pennsylvania Outdoor Writers Association.

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